Last week a teen girl broke her arm and last night a teen boy broke his. He had to be put sleep to set it but no surgery.

Our first Sunday for our trip home begins September 11, 9:30am in Patterson, La. so you can begin thinking about our schedule from that date for the next 3 Sundays. Let us know if you want to have us at your church or group.

The Rotary Club was impressed with our building for the mechanical cow.

How to win
How to win


James 1:27 tells us that the second mark of true religion is compassion for widows and orphans though surely we can include the homeless, the poor, the disadvantaged, the prisoner and the ill. It is not just hearing the Word and walking away. The sin of those in the story of the Good Samaritan was that everyone else saw the need and simply walked away.

If your heart is hard then you do not have the heart of God. God is moved with compassion. In fact, you are saved because He saw your need and was moved to give you tenderness, mercy and compassion. He did not ignore you in your lost and suffering condition.

God expects me to live the same way. I am saved because He loved me and I must love others. How can I expect God to forgive me if I do not forgive others? How can God bless me if I do not bless others?

Can you imagine with me for a moment what it was like when the people entered the Promised Land! Remember ALL of the men had died who were over 20 years of age. So how many orphans were there? How many widows were there? It is mind blowing. Yet God cared for each and everyone one of them. Should we do less?