Brave Heart

Two mornings in a row I slept past 5:30am whereas for months I have been up between 3am & 5am. I cannot write everything here but I was thinking of how many friends have passed away and also how many wonderful people who have helped us over the years who are no longer available. Without all of them and you Casa would not be where it is today. Not everything is forever but His work is eternal and we are grateful for every person who ever contributed time, prayer and money to touch so many kids.

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It took courage for David to fight Goliath but it also took courage for him to defy the taunts of his own brothers and the lack of trust Saul had in him. But David was aware of something all of us need to understand. When he called Goliath "uncircumsised" he was not talking about a physical situation but rather a spirtitul one. David was saying that Goliah was not a child of God.

Our enemies are not one another. If Christians would get together and stand on the Bible ALONE we could move this world in the right direction. But so many denominations do not use the Word of God as the basis of their beliefs. They are quickly becoming "of the world" and "like the world". Denominations that I thought ould never support homosexuality and abortion are falling into the snare of Satan.

We all need the heart of David. A courageous heart!