A hard heart

Thanks to all of you who come to help Casa and those of you who support financially & prayerfully. God has been so gracious in combining the Guatemalan staff & the American visitors & I pray that will continue long after I am gone. We need your help. Unity in purpose is what we need and God desires.

Dr. Lou has begun checking children who will be eligible to come to the dialysis ministry.

Over 1000 grandchildren
Over 1000 grandchildren


Do you ever feel a lack of compassion or a lack of concern for others? Admittedly I have and do. While thousands are being slaughtered by abortion and the laws of our land are becoming incresingly anti-God and anti-Bible it appears that I do not pray or fight enough to make a difference.

Samuel was blessed of God and I believe that God allowed him to rule 32 years giving him ample time to change his heart and repent for all his disobedience to God and envy towards David. But he hardened his heart instead. The most horrible thing happened because of Saul’s hard heart. I Samuel 16 says that the Spirit of God departed from Saul.

Can you imagine what it would be like to not have the Spirit hovering over you? He teaches us all things. He shows us how to pray. He protects us. He leads us. He blesses us. The list goes on and on and for Him to no longer be in our lives would mean we are alone to fight a spiritual battle without the spiritual weapons. “A knife to a gun fight” so to speak.

If the Spirit departs from a person it is because that person is no longer useful to God. I want to be going full speed for Jesus when I leave this world.