Three teams are here so we should be able to get much work done.

Candida will have her baby by c-section at 6:30am Monday so pray for her.

Kids coming for prayer this morning
Kids coming for prayer this morning

I have always struggled with the idea of success. From an early age I always wanted to succeed. But the truth is I was not really successful in academics or athletics as a child. I made the grades and I was able to get a scholarship but college then showed forth my “averageness”. I was never better than 3d string in college. I was not near the top academically although determination, hard work and the Lord brought me a doctorate.

I certainly am an average Bible teacher, preacher and missionary. I doubt if I am above the 50% level as a father, husband and administrator. I am one who honestly can say, “But for the grace go I” and “God uses the eak and foolish to accomplish His purposes.”

I had a hard day Friday and Saturday proved even worse. As I lay in bed last night I wondered in at 72 years of age there was time life to be successful. The clock has ticked so fast.

The story is told of a man who was very successful and was asked what his secret was. He answered “Good judgment” and so they asked how he had that good judgment and he answered “from experience”. Now they asked how he got that good experience and he answered “from poor judgment”.

I want to share over the next day or two about success. Pray I can achieve it but pray more so I can install it in the children. Poor judgment may be a teacher but too many poor judgments destroy lives, families, churches and even nations.