Sebastian, general director, and his wife took the dialysis children to a movie and dinner. Tim took a few days off. Small groups are arriving so we will do small but important jobs this week.

Karen, transplanted, has gotten healthy enough to return to her parents. I am sorry to see her leave but God came into her heart here & she will have a better chance at a normal life. Her family loves her very much and the local church will help with the medication. A great ending to her story! And many of you are part of that story. There will be many to come!





You must have prayed because today was the best I have felt in 2 weeks. Thank you.

Romans 3:23 “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. ¬†Everyone messes up. Everyone blows it. Often I share with the teens here at Casa that the past cannot be changed. It is gone. All they can do now is to react to it correctly.

I have made enough mistakes to fill pages and pages. I cannot undo anything I have already done. But I can respond to my past the way God desires. FORGET IT!

God takes our errors, mistakes and sins and throws them as far as the East is from the West. The only way for the past to affect me is that I go looking and hunting for something the Lord has already forgiven if I am a Christian. But now as a child of God I can react differently by not committing the same sins of the past. I did not say that I must be perfect and I can never fall into the same sin again. But I have to resist the temptations.

We humans tend to repeat behavior. So I have to guard my mind to reject thoughts that lead to action. It all begins in my mind. That is why Jesus said, “Anger is the same as murder” and “Looking lustfully at a woman is the same as the actual act of sexual sin”. The thought is where it all begins. Control the mind and you control your body.

What keeps us up at night is our mind. We worry about things that have happened and even about things that MAY happen. I must make better choices today then I did in the past. If you are a Christian do not look back because all you can see will be sins covered by His blood. The junk is gone! It is best to look forward to what you are called to do TODAY.