This morning I was doing my walking in the dark when I fell & hit my head. Two hours later Dottie fell in the kitchen & cut her arm. It looked as though she forearmed me & busted my head and damaged her arm.

The last two days have been difficult for me as a number of things happened when I was in the states that disappointed me. We did receive 16 new children but at the same time some kids were sent home to family. These decisions by judges just break my heart. Of course some children made bad decisions also.

A new place to play out of the sun or when raining
A new place to play out of the sun or when raining

Every circumstance in our lives reveals to us who we are and what we think of God. Death, abuse, divorce, poverty and disease are only a spattering of the pains we experience because of the fall of Adam and Eve. Christians are not immune to any of the world’s woes. Good, strong Christians may die young; may suffer rejection and divore; may lose their job; and may suffer unbelievable sorrow.

I have known Godly, wonderful wives who desire to have children and either cannot get pregnant or miscarry or have a child die at a young age. At the same time I have seen abusive and unloving women leave their children at my gate because they do not love them or the children are ‘burdens’. It is not fair in my mind.

Can I make a suggestion? Always focus on God and not the circumstances. I spoke to you recently about being silent before the Lord. NOISE keeps you from comminion with God. I Thessalonians 5 says, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks……….”

You and I have to MAGNIFY the Lord. That means we make Him larger than our problem; larger than our hurt and larger than our fears. I must FOCUS on Jesus and not the situations around me. I must live in Christ and not live in my circumstances.