The Tennessee team had ice cream last night with the baby dorm & pizza tonight.

There was a home burned to the ground near us—read on:

Moving the ashes of what was a family home.
Moving the ashes of what was a family home.


Yesterday a neighbor’s home burned to the ground. We gave them mattresses to sleep on. Then this morning the Fayetteville team with our boys and men cleaned the entire house to where nothing was left but the foundation. We will pull all of our workers off of the hospital and build them a home starting Monday.

By noon Larry, Tim and Tyson had water and electrical up and running to all 6 homes affected. Candy and Flor gathered clothes and food for the family. But listen to what happened!

People came from all over the subdivision to watch us work. They were taken back by the efforts of our children. The subdivision leader came with a loud speaker and went throughout the community asking people to donate a bag of cement, or a cubic meter of sand or rocks or blocks to help us Monday to rebuild the home for the family.

They asked me why we would do what we were doing so I was able to tell them how Jesus has blessed me. Also I shared that Jesus said everyone is our neighbor even if we do not know one another. The entire community is abuzz with what is happening.

Opportunity! Opportunity!

There will be some great things happen because of how our children, visitors and staff jumped in to make a difference.