Needed Prayer

Last night there was a major anger issue with one of the older boys. Alex called so I went over there & asked Tim to meet me because the boy was violent. After speaking for a while and coming to the end of the matter with all those involved the boy asked if I would pray for him for salvation. He prayed and now is saved. Whatever it takes to bring children to Christ is worth our efforts. Things are not always as they seem to be.

The mayor sent 200 blocks for the construction of the little home. The mother cried when she received the money from our children.

Moving quickly for the foundation
Moving quickly for the foundation

I received an email yesterday from a lady who told me she was praying for us and she quoted scriptures to me from Galatians. “Be not weary in well-doing. I was down at the construction site when I received the email and walking back to the house I was thinking of how much Casa depends on prayers of the Christians back home. Therefore I want to give you specific areas of prayer to help guide you.



      1. I have been in severe pain for more than 2 weeks. Pray for my health to improve

     2. Pray for the health, finances and relationship of all of our staff both Guatemalan and American.

     3. Pray for the salvation for all of our children and staff and visitors.

     4. Pray for the emotional, physical and spiritual healing for all of our children and staff

     5. Pray for the children who have left Casa over the years either by order of the courts, their own decisions or a decision I had to make. Pray the Seed of God’s Word will continue to grow within them.

     6. Pray for the eductional finances.

     7. Pray for the health, healing and miracles of the children in dialysis.

     8. Pray for the construction of the Dialysis Genesis House and the finances to equip it and hire staff

     9. Pray for the overall financial needs of Casa

     10. Pray for daily protection for the children who must take buses to college or work

     11. Pray for everyone who drives a vehicle here at Casa for their safety and the safety of their passengers

    12. Pray for favor with CNA, PGN, Judges and all government officials.

   13. Pray that God will place Christians in all of these governmental positions

    14. Pray for the transition to continue in a positive direction. The young people whom I have placed in key positions have so much to learn. They have the heart but not the experience.

     15. Pray that all of our staff would love one another and be a living example to the children.

There is more but if you begin here it would be a great blessing for us.Maybe you can add this list to your own prayers daily.