The rains, flooding and winds continue throughout the states of Louisiana, Texas & Arkansas.We paid our respects to Sarah at the funeral home on the way to the airport. Heavy rains but we were able to fly out of LC. Friends called from Shreveport & Monroe who were evacuated due to flooding. We got home at 12:30am so I am sending this and going to bed.

Sindy in dialysis is so excited as we received her 3 brothers & a sister today.

On our way to the airport this morning
On our way to the airport this morning


I know my problem!! My life is overcommitment, stressfulness, sleepless nights, high blood pressure. I also know the answer. When Dottie and I are in the states we BALANCE the stress(3 different days we drove over 8 hours & one of those was 11 hours) with rest(consecutive nights in one place). We actually push hard with the drviing in order to have an extra night of rest. When we get 2 days in a motel on consecutive nights we rest better. No packing! No looking at the clock! No figuring out the best route!

I believe that the transition period is moving along so smoothly because God has been wanting me to relax. Tension can be conscious or unconscious. I sometimes THINK I am relaxing when I really am not. I just unconsciously cover the stress by doing more.

Yesterday I legalized my will and it was as though a ton was lifted off of my shoulders and mind. Knowing that Dottie is cared for and all of the other details of the ministry protected just caused me to sleep last night. I also discovered that we do have the money to complete the construction of the new dialysis unit and I have peace that the money for equipment or the equipment itself will be there when needed.

A favorite scripture of mind that I BREAK and SELDOM OBEY is “Be still and know that I am God.” It is like running out of the house in the morning and giving Dottie a peck on the check and muttering a rushed “Love You”.

This morning Dottie & I were walking around the lake when a huge double barge pushed by another huge tug slowly crept around the bend where we were. It seemed like hours for it to make the U-turn in the river and as I watched the seamen on board just standing by the railing watching nothing I envied them.

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