My cup runneth over

A team of over 60 from Springdale, Ar. arrived.

Dottie & Gladys went to the market early to buy flowers & some Americans are helping to make corsages, etc. for the wedding.

The school had their first semester program of praise, dramas, Adam spoke & then we received the report cards.

We received 5 new children ages 3-12 last night

My latest photo Caring for 400 children is not difficult. This is my latest self-photo

Jesus spoke of sowing and reaping as did the Holy Spirit all through the Old Testament. The Word tells us that God wants to bless us. He wants us prosperous so that we can help others. I pray daily for a million dollars for the ministry in Guatemala. Money is not a problem, it is the selfish me,me,me attitude and love for money that is the problem.

“Give and it shall be given” Jesus said. In I Corinthians Paul writes that “Whoever gives littles gets little and he who gives much gets much”. God cannot multiply back to us something that we have never given. You and I need to be like water pipes that carry the life giving water throughout the community.

In Luke 6:38 Jesus uses terms like “good measure”, “pressed down”, shaken together,”running over” and concludes with “the measure in which you give, you will receive”.

Good measure simply means that the baske is filled to the top. God wants us to ALL that He has made available for us. He is not a “Little dab will do you” Father. He wants to give more than you can contain.

God crushes or presses down our blessings until there is more room to continue to give to us. He gives beyond what the natural heart and mind can hold.

Now He shakes the container because He wants us to have even more. And so now our containers run over. They spill out to those around us. You and I are blessed. You get this type of blessing by being a giver. So give your time, your love, your mercy, your patience, your talents and all that He has given you. As you give you will begin to see how the Heavenly Father wants to bless His children.

If you are His kid and you give then you are in for a treat.