Make a difference #4

Karen is out of the hospital but Keiser went into the hospital due to infection in the catheter.

Dottie and I are in San Augustine with her cousin, Millie and her husband Joe so they are catching up on years of family history.

Gladys taught the girls about forgiveness and said the response was excellant. She will teach the boys tonight.

Christian and Marlin
Christian and Marlin


A few years ago while I was preaching a teenager raised his hand to ask a question. He asked “Papi, when you die what do you want on your tombstone?” It was a shock ad I did not know if the children were planning something.

But I did answer. I told him that I wanted written on my tombstone “He was a man of mercy”. Yesterday I gave you Micah 6:8 which states we need to love justice, mercy and walking humbly with our God. I cannot write anything better than what Job said in Job 29:12-17 where he writes of how he feels about the poor, the orphans, those who are dying, widows, the blind, the crippled, the needy and those who are oppressed.

This man who suffered so much and lost so much more speaks of those in the above paragraph. He cared about others. He wore his relationship outwardly where people could see it.

Mother Teresa said “LIVE YOUR TESTIMONY OUTSIDE”. Do others who are hurting see where they can receive comfort by the way you live? We cannot ignore the world and call ourselves merciful.