Know His will

It is very important that you mark your check or include a note when sending money to us. We want to make sure your money goes where you want.

I Christmas shopped; Dottie worked in the yard; Gladys took the college girls on an excursion & then the Americans had a meal together.

Maria I is working at a pig farm (veterinarian) and will be getting married so she will leave Casa tomorrow after being here her entire life. I am proud of her.

The Estrellita girls took an offering for the family who lost their home.


Look how nice the land is cleaned for the family's new home
Look how nice the land is cleaned for the family’s new home
Their home
Their home before


How to know the will of God is probably the most asked question I get. Before I answer there is a truth I have learned. There are things God wants me to know RIGHT NOW and there are things God DOES NOT want me to understand right now.

For instance God said, “Build a new Genesis House for 40 children on dialysis” and He provided the money to construct the building almost immediately. Now we will soon be looking at equipment, machines, nurses, beds and a host of other items and monthly expenses that I have trouble wrapping my mind around. But we obeyed and so I know that He will respond.

So when I am asked the questions about knowing God’s will I answer with two words OBEDIENCE and OPPORTUNITY. God said, “Build” and we had the land and the money to build so we obeyed and took the opportunity afforded to us.

Yesterday the opportunity to help someone we did not know who lived a half-mile from us arose. Jesus answered “The question of who is our neighbor” so clearly with the story of the Good Samaratan. So how could Casa sit and watch a family lose everything they possessed and without a bed to sleep on and turn away our eyes?

To truly know God’s will is to take every opportunity to do good to others and be obedient with whatever that person needs. It will nota lways be food, clothing or a home. It may be a touch of kindness, a word of encouragement, a day off from the children or any number of things.

His will is always for us to be His hands, His feet, His mouth, His heart, His love, His mercy, His compassion and His wallet.