I was blown away when I returned from the states. The dialysis construction is going so well. The clinic now has a digital-ray; a digital dental x-ray; a urine analyzer; a blood analyzer; a new examining room & that isn’t all of it. The mechanical cow house and the playground look beautiful. God has blessed us with a tremendous medical facility.

There was bad news as the judge sent Marjorie, dialysis child, back to the mother. She has no hope so pray that the mother will see that she needs to be here. The judge left the choice to the mom.

My illness is better so thank you for praying for me. By Sunday I should be back to normal. But Dottie says I am not ever normal.

The medical set-up in our clinic
The medical set-up in our clinic


When a person tells me that they cannot learn the Word of God there are two things that come to my mind. First, to learn there must be a hunger. All of you are aware of what being hungry FOR something is: “I am hungry for steak. I am hungry for ice cream”. To learn His Word you have to have that same inner hunger.

Secondly, Spiritual Desire must be present. If I desire to watch a ball game I do it. So I have to take the opportunities afforded me. We all have the same amount of time and putting a part of your day aside to learn about God is serious. I always have time for a ball game so I should always have time for His Word.

When I am hungry for a milk shake nothing else will satisfy.

When I am hungry for the Word nothing else will satisfy.