Emergency prayer: Brandi’s father had an accident at work and is in serious condition. Thy reattached his artery in his crushed leg but he will need more surgeries tonight on his pelvis, leg, etc. He said he was waiting for Brandi. She leaves Friday morning for home. Everyone needs to pray. She is the dorm mother at Casa for the University girls.

The medical team from Rotary saw a total of 1012 children at our home this week. Our children, 100 from the dump and the rest from the local village. That is tremendous.

With only one church left this Sunday at Lake View Baptist in Cove Springs, Ark near Fayetteville we began having car trouble again. Pray that Sunday when we finish that morning service we can drive all the way to Lake Charles that night without incident.

Foks waiting to see the physician
Folks waiting to see the physician

When Dottie and I are in the states we are always treated so very well and made to feel special by the churches or frinds we visit. What makes it so special is that they do not feel the need to “entertain” us. So they are not trying to impress us, they are showing kindness and servitude towards us.

Did you know that the Biblical word for hospitality is “love for strangers”? This could include literal strangers or even those in need such as the poor, the infirm, the suffering, etc. The Bible begins with God demonstrating His hospitality. He fed Adam and Eve and met every need in the garden for them. Later God demonstrated His hospitality by taking over 2,000,000 people through the wilderness for 40 years feeding them and the Bible says their clothes never wore out.

God actually was attempting to get His people into the land flowing with milk and honey. His kindness and hospitality is without measure. So He tells all of we Christians that we are to be hospitable and kind to strangers.

We can read of David’s kindness to Jonathon’s son, Mephibosheth. We know that Abraham entertained 3 visitors who revealed themselves to be angels.

Jesus tells us that if we receive others we are receiving Him. Dottie and I are so grateful for the kindnesses we have received on this trip to share what is happening at Casa.