His mighty love #3

We woke up still tired from the long day yesterday so we walked around the lake. Then we began to pack for the trip home. We love coming to the states but we are always ready to return to Casa.

Two Tennessee teams are at Casa.

The wall between the hospital & school is being built. If you send money for hospital equipment make sure you indicate that please. We have sufficient money to finish construction but will need to equip it. You folks are wonderful.

Sharon S. who worked with us for a year has thyroid cancer. Please pray for her.

The wall between the two areas.
The wall between the two areas.

As I prepare to return to Guatemala in 3 days I have much on my mind. First, the transition is going well and the young people whom God has pointed out to me are seemingly functioning together in harmony as I desired. The staff has been very supportive and that is key to success.

Secondly, my mind is heavy concerning the new dialysis construction. The building is progressing rapidly but the original money given is dwindling. Equipping the building will be costly.

I do not fear that we will not get the job done. Jesus came to give me peace but often peace eludes me. So that is my fault. Now the peace God gives is not what the world calls peace. The peace God gives comes from our loving and doing good for others.

So the original message God gave me at the border between Guatemala and Mexico still holds. He told me, “Mike, what you have is what you need and what you do not have you do not need”. This is what has held me in peace for 27 years here in Guatemala.

Many times over the years it APPEARED we would not get something done due to finances but when they were needed they would appear. God is faithful to fulfilling His promises to us.

I am not too proud to ask for your prayers. I ask that you pray daily for me and Casa and all of the children. Love is doing! And you can do this for us. Your prayers hold us up during these battles.