His mighty love #2

Brandi’s father will have pelvic surgery & more rods put in Monday so keep praying for him.

Driving to church we had tire trouble & had to leave the car with a mechanic so Don came & got us. Lake View Baptist just received the message & were so kind to us. We picked up the car & drove to Lake Charles. On the way we hit a huge razorback hog. This has been an eventful trip but we are in Lake Charles as of 10pm. 9 hour drive.


Whe I read the Word about Jesus I continue to see the word COMPASSION. Then I read all that Paul wrote concerning COMPASSION and I realize that I fall so far short of the type of compassion Jesus portrayed and Paul wrote of.

Can you imagine forgiving a person who has offended you seven times? Oh how difficult that is. But Jesus said seventy times seven putting our excuses way beyond any explanation we can give or use to justify withholding compassion and forgiveness.

If we walk in compassion we must be able to walk in peace with other people. That means everyone I meet is a creation of God and needs to be respected regardless of what I feel. Pride and jealousy make it impossible to forgive others and without forgiveness we will never walk in compassion.

Jesus said “Father, forgive them” as He hung on the cross. Stephen as he was being stoned to death repeated the same words. I was thinking of those words and wondering if I have ever asked God to forgive someone who has offended me. I mean TRULY asked God. That means I no longer feel resentment or even think of what they once did to me.

My prayer needs to be “Father forgive me from the pride I have because I have offended far more people than have offended me”.