Dr. Lou, our nephrologist, came with a lawyer to meet with our lawyer as we continue toward the new Genesis House being completed. Long way to go! But Dr. Lou said again that what we are doing cooperatively with him is not being done anywhere so we are breaking new ground.

The teams are blessing the younger children tonight & the older children tomorrow.

We received two children today. They are not siblings but both were abused.

Ana Ruth and me
Ana Ruth and me

When we were called this morning about taking this horrible abused baby girl it made me physically sick. How a human being can do such a cruel thing to a baby I cannot fathom. When I awoke this morning and began my walking regimen I opened my phone to the news and it was filled with the news of the horrible murdering of 31 people in Brussels and the wounding of nearly 200.

One moment we can be in a line getting ready to check-in for a trip to some location for a vacation or visit with relatives and the next moment our lives are taken from us or changed forever. Many of those hurt today lost their limbs foreer changing what they were a link-of-the-eye ago.

I remember the excitement of Dottie having our first baby. We were so happy as we anticipated her birth. She was born severely mentally retarded and with a heart disease. Dottie never left her side for 11 months when our baby took her last breathe.