Do you hear many “Thank yous”?

We had dinner with our son Chad & granddaughter Dana.

There are very strong winds with warnings all along the coast.

I had a very positive (future-changing) phone call with our board chairman, Wes Hall. The plans for the future will be awesome. Transition, transition, transition!

Sebastian emailed to say we received a 16 year old girl and 4 more children for the baby dorm.

Brandi’s father had 4 surgeries in one week with two more scheduled. He is still in critical condition so continue to pray for him please

.Our daily walking spotOur daily walking spot

So many people are good to Casa and very good to Dottie and myself. I am so grateful for the kindnesses shown to us. I try to write a little note of thanks when people are so kind to us. Writing those notes makes me feel good. It lifts my spirits because it tells me that there are people back in the states who are thinking of the children as well as us.

Over the years it has always been difficult for me when someone says “You never did anything for me” or “You never loved me”. You all probably know what it is like to invest your life in your children or your spouse or church, job or some other relationship and not be appreciated for it. It is painful to the very core of your heart.

I try to say thank you to everyone who is in my life. I say thank you to the servers at a restruant or a clerk in whatever business I am in. I thank the children when they hug me or say they love me. I say thank you to dottie for the meals she cooks. I say thank you to the older children at Casa who try to make my life easier. I say thank you to the staff who have such a heart to serve the children.

Now I am not boasting here! I am telling you how to feel better about yourself and your own situations.

GRATITUDE and GRATEFULNESS can forever change your life. Make a list of what you are grateful for today. For me it is I woke up; I had Dottie by my side; I have 9 adopted children, many grandchildren and 5000 childen who have come into my life; I was able to walk this morning and talk to God around a beautiful bayou; I have new books to read; I am returning to the greatest job on earth; I am watching my children transition and beome Godly leaders; I am grateful I have a staff that stands by me with the transition; I am grateful___________

Make your own list!