Broken Promise

Brandi’s father had spinal surgery Friday morning fusing L1 through L5. He will have pelvic surgery Monday. Praise God he is alive. Keep praying.

The husband of a young lady who attended our school and is the daughter of one of our closest friends was accidently gassed with Argon in an industrial accident. He is in critical condition in Baton Rouge and has been unresponsive since Wednesday.

God has blessed Casa with a digital dental x-ray. It just seems like God gets gooder and gooder to us.

We visited with Jim & Linda, Dottie’s brother, in Fayetteville.

Our dentist with the new dental x-ray machine
Our dentist with the new dental x-ray machine


When I was in high school I thought in order to be popular I needed to play football. I continued that into college at which time I was just too small to compete so I quit and concentrated on study (and on Dottie). Isn’t it odd that we humans believe that seeking recognition in sports, as I did, or wealth, achievements or pleasures will make us happy? I was so wrong!

When my orthopedic surgeon read my MRI he said that one of the damaged discs in my back had been injured over 50 years ago. So my playing football in order to be noticed or popular came back to haunt me a half century later.

Viktor Frankl who was killed by the Nazi’s in a concentration camp said “the fundamental need for purpose and direction may be as important to our psychological growth as eating is to our biological growth”. Purpose and direction in life!!! If only I could convince my children how important a TRUE purpose is to their future.

Hearing the call of God and finding the path He desires us to take should be a fundamental desire that all of us have. Dottie and I are nearing 73 years of age and do you know what she is studying? She is reading all she can as to finding the purpose of God for us as we enter the transition and the twilight of life. We never get too old to ask God “What am I here for?”