Brandi’s father

Sadly today Brandi’s father finally gave up the fight and passed away into eternity. As a child of God we are certain of seeing him again. Pray for the family through these next few days.

Our team met with Dr. Lou’s team at Rooseelt Hospital and we came up with a master plan concerning the roles the two of us will have. It will be a coordinated effort. We are headed in the correct direction.

My heart is broken over a child who has been here for years. He saw his father kill his mother & has lived in denial for years. Nothing we have done seems to have helped & now he has been moved to another home because he is a danger to the younger children. Yesterday we went off & spoke & he told me he loved me & was thankful for all he received here but knew that he needed to leave.He is 17. I feel as though a stone has fallen on my heart.

I think I misled some folks. The transition does not mean we do not need Americans. We will ALWAYS need Americans in some dorms & in dozens of responsibilities. We have the greatest American staff any minister could hope for & there will be no other changes in dorm parents. The amount of effort we are putting into the transition young people has exhausted me & I have not done a good job of honoring our current American staff and the many visitors. I am sorry for the misunderstanding. We NEED everyone if we are to reach Guatemala with the love of Jesus.