A little past half time

The girls who work in the Genesis house had a party today for all the children on dialysis. They invited a dorm and just blessed those children. The love older kids have for younger is awesome.

The discipleship group of 46 teenagers enjoyed a booklet I bought at a Christian Bookstore. It is in Spanish and the name is Pasos Iniciales:Una Guia de Crecimiento para Nuevos Creyentes. Cost is $1. Maybe you can find it in your area and get 50 copies to us.

The parents with Jacob and Ana Ruth
The parents with Jacob and Ana Ruth

I shared yesterday that football and soccer games are not over at half time. You know that I am speaking of us because your life and mine are not over at half time. It is never too late to take a walk in another direction.

One of the great men of the Word began His life after half-time so to speak. Moses was saved from death when his sister placed him in the Nile river. The next forty years saw him grow up in Pharoh’s palace. But then he was cast into the desert where he settled for a shepherd’ life.

There isn’t anything wrong with shepherds but God had a larger plan. Wherever you are now may be comfortable and you think that all is well. You feel that you “blew it” like Moses did when he killed the Israelite. But never put a period when God puts a comma. It is not over just because a great portion of your life has passed and it seems too late for new things.

Can you imagine that after 40 years Moses heard God call his name? What is your response when God calls you to step out of your comfort zone? Be prepred! Time is flying by for all of us and God needs EVERYONE ready for the second half.