The helmit of salvation #2

Brother Todd asked what I was going to do to keep touching churches since I am getting older. Many of the churches who supported us in the past and had us speak at their church no longer do. Pastors move on and pastors die and as I age all of our supporters age also. The answer is that Josue’ is capable of speaking on behalf of Casa. Should you want him at your church and would help to fill a 10 day or 2 week schedule in your area that would be a great beginning for us. Ezdras, Oscar, Gladys, Alex and Jacob are just a few of the English speaking children who can share Casa with you.

Wednesday evening at 6pm we will be at Trinity Baptist in Norman, Oklahoma located at 801 N Peters Ave.

Our daughter Tanya with our grandchildren Roxie, Katie and Robert.
Our daughter Tanya with our grandchildren Roxie, Katie and Robert.

The helmet is the LAST piece of equipment put on so why does Paul list it as the first defensive weapon in Epesians 6? We know that the sword of the Spirit, God’s Word, is the only offensive weapon that Paul mentions but why does he immediately jump to the helmet? That is not the way a football player or a soldier gets dressed. The helmet is last.

You know as well as I do that the battle for all of us is the one between our ears. Our thoughts will destroy us or make us strong. So my question is “What do you think about yourself?” It does not matter what others think. But it it is the difference between life and death; victory and defeat; winning and losing; joy and sadness, etc.

What comes out of your mouth originates in your mind whether you believe it or not. Many will say “I spoke before I thought” but the truth is you were thinking it inside your head and it slipped out.

Until you can discern when the devil is lying to you or condemning you or belittling you or causing fear, panic, doubt, unbelief and anger you will be easy prey. Your helmet is loose and that causes your mind to also become unhinged. Put on the helmet of truth.

Read the Word and see who you are in Christ. Believe it! Act on it! Only an idiot plays football without a helmet. And only a fool fights spiritual battles without the truth.