Sandals of Peace

Sunday morning we will be at New Sarepta Baptist at 10:30am in Sarepta, La and in the evening at Cook Baptist in Ruston, La at 6pm.

ALERT!!  There is a group from Fayetteville Arkansas coming to Guatemala and can bring duffle bags for the children. Debbie can drive to Monroe or Shreveport with the bags if someone would be willing to meet here there and carry them on to Fayetteville. Please call her at 337 855 1286 if you can do this for us.

The mechanical cow house is ready for the painters.

First floor of the hospital? Where is the painter?


The next piece of armor are the sandals of peace. Peace does not mean a lack of warfare or strife. Peace, SHALOM, means harmony as well as health and wholeness. Colossians 3:12-15 speaks of relationship between Christians. Think about it! What if all of the soldiers in a particular unit hated each other? Could they stand firm together when the enemy attacks?

Remember the firey arrows were to cause dissention and discouaragement amongst the soldiers so they would not stand firm with their shields joined together. We,, the sandals are CLEATS and they give us traction when we are pushed or shoved. Colossians 3 speaks of Christians needing to “bear one another”.

Don’t look at me like that! I have trouble with some folks and so do you. I am a problem for some folks and so are you. So God tells me to stoop down and lace up the sandals of PEACE.

There is an inner peace that I have because I am born again. There is the peace with God that came to me when I trusted Jesus as my Savior. But here the sandals are referring to inter-relational peace that Christians need with one another.

Do you know why ISIS and such groups can do so much danger? Because they STAND together. Christians have so many denominations, doctrines and pet projects that there is very little unity between Christians. No wonder we can not elect a Christian leader. No wonder abortion and same-sex marriage just came upon us. We are so busy NOT standing together we have lost our moral foot hold.