Sandals of Peace #2

I know you folks may think I am a dummy but I did accidently send two updates last night. Sorry for the extra reading you had to endure.

Karen is back in the hospital due to trouble with the transplant still not functioning correctly. Estephnie was hospitaliized and a catherter installed so she will be doing hemodialysis.

Sebastian emailed again and we are getting two more girls both age 11. That is 8 children this week. Isn’t Jesus good?

Instead of having individual photos of children for you to choose from to sponsor we have photos of 5 dorms and the Quinceaneras. There dorms hace Guatemalan children raised and married at Casa as house parents. They do not have access to raise money like the Americans so we are asking folks to adopt a dorm for $25 to whatever so the house parents can provide items such as cake for their birthdays, rewards for good grades, etc. Pray about it before I come to your church the next 2 weeks.

The outdoor sanitary facilities were moved when we tore down the dorm. These are the new ones and are readyfor the roof.
The outdoor sanitary facilities were moved when the dorm was torn down. These are the new ones and are ready for the roof.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. And I believe that if I was cornered as to what I could have of everything this world has to offer it would be peace. Although things are going well I still worry about the transition, certain children who are ill or made bad decisions, finances, etc. Sleep eludes me at time.

Richards wrote that “Christianity is the story of transition from chaos to peace, from hostility to love”. What a deep yet simple insight. All of us were truly born an enemy of God. When Paul wrote Ephesians the difference between Jews and Gentiles was the LAW of Moses. But when Jesus came He demolished the law and there were no more Jews and Gentiles, men and women or any other dual categories. We were all made ONE in Jesus Christ.

Rather then relate to God through the law the Jews now related to God through His Son Jesus.

The cross became the key to peace between God and man as well as man and man.