I wrote a new last will & testimony yesterday but not because I am ill or worried. Dottie & I have Michelle, a special needs child, and we want to make sure she is cared for should anything happen to us.

Gladys voice mailed me to say that the discipleship team consisting of Ezdras, Jim, Adam and Gladys are making plans for using the teens for ministry. Tonight they have a special vigilia for all of the children and then the teens will stay for a special movie. Our goal is for our children to reach out into all of Guatemala with God’s Word. Sunday I will begin telling you why on my daily update.

Jim said 22 boys and 23 girls signed up for discipleship so our dreams for this part of the transition is becoming a reality.

Nothing much happening at home so we visited animal world

Nothing much happening at home so we visited animal world

Rest can be a great aid to a Christian. Cooke says that rest is a weapon and that we Christians should be peaceful, tranquil and calm. I agree and I hunger for that characteristic. I worry too much; sleep too little and fret too much.

Jesus tells us in John 14:27 “Peace, I leave with you; My peace I give unto you.” God made the world in 6 days and then He rested. Oh, how I would love to rest after finishing a task. But too often my mind jumps to the next project or next problem or next child who is hurting.

Jesus never worried. He was able to sleep in storms. He was calm at all times even when chaos was all around Him. The Word tells us that we are to have peace and joy in believing. How do we do that?

Christ says that we are to take the yoke upon us. A yoke is when a weak ox (me) is joined with a strong ox (Christ). Like dancing both dancers cannot lead. If I allow Christ to be the stronger member then when I am weak He is strong; when I am worried He is calm; when I am overwhelmed He sees the end from the beginning.

Rest allows me to have more time to wait until I hear His voice. Resting is not “doing nothing”. In fact, most problems that I have had over the years is for lack of peace and rest. I acted too quickly. If I would have listened to God I would have “waited on the Lord” I would have not made some bad decisions, lost some close friends or hurt the innocent.

This week has been precious to Dottie and me. We truly rested. We have such peace about our future and the future of Casa. God has been so good to me. I am learning to sleep in the storm.