Bryan is still in isolation after a number of weeks and one of the younger boys had surgery on his nose, throat, etc.

I have an even stronger belief that the transgression is going in the right direction. The young people who have assumed the challenges of leadership placed in front of them are doing well.

The full surgery was not done on Antony but what they did was successful. Awaiting the test results.

Aroldo has finished his dialysis technician degree
Aroldo has finished his dialysis technician degree



Christianity is a matter of the heart. After adultery, lust, lying and murder David said to God in Psalm 51 “Create in me a clean heart and a right spirit within me”.

Think of our heart. It can be a clean or dirty heart;  believing or doubting heart; a forgiving or hard heart; proud or a humble heart; a happy or sad heart; a loving or unkind heart, a passive or a burning heart; a kind or rude heaart; a hungry or a self-satisfied heart etc.

In spite of David’s tremendous sins God refers to David as a man after God’s own heart. This is a verse filled with promises of hope. You and I face every day with the decision of which heart we will choose to beat in our spiritual chest.