Dottie shopped while I stayed inside reading and working on ideas about the transition and the finances. The weather is cold and wet so I had the better day.

Dr You from Orange County, California has offered to come 3 months at a time and examine the children as well as others in the area and actually make the eyeglasses here. We have a storage room in our clinic we can convert for this program. God continues to do things that just blow me away. He is totally GOOD!!


Dr You
Dr You


Now that we have learned about the armor we are to wear let us talk about the soldier himself. Every culture, every nation and every generation has had heroes. Winston Churchill, Admiral Nelson in England; George Patton, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington in America; William Wallace in Scotland and so forth. These were soldiers.

In sports we have Michael Jordan, Shaq and 100s of others. In entertainment we have had Bing Crosby to Michael Jackson. There are thousands of heros throughout history. The reason is because WE NEED HEROES!

But those named above and any that you can name fade away in a few generations. However there are heroes  that are for as long as life exist on this earth. Hebrews 11 gives us the list of ETERNAL heroes: Abel and his more excellant sacrifice; Enoch who pleased God; Noah, Moses, Joshua, Abraham, Sarah, Elijah and many more. No one of the New Testament is listed there but we can list our heroes from the New Testament: Mary, Peter, Paul, Andrew, Barnabas and you can fill in your favorite heroes.

The list in Hebrews 11 may stop at the Book of Malachi but we know what happened when God opened up the Book of Matthew. Hebrews continued to grow. Unlike political, entertainer or sports heroes who are generational we know that Hebrews 11 is stilling growing today. They are still influencing us 2000 years after their deaths.

DL Moody, Billy Graham, David Jeremiah and thousands are adding to the list daily. My hero is George Mueller who lived in the 1800s and cared for and ministered to 2000 orphans AT THE SAME TIME when there were no news papers, TV, texting or the like. He was totally led by God. He is my hero.


Stay tuned.