Helmit of Salvation #1

Seeing the folks at Family Life, Brothers Todd and Francis, as well as so many old friends is always a joy and a blessing. The reaction and reception was wonderful.

It was our first time at Calvary Baptist in the evening and Brother James was so gracious to us.

The West Virginia team is having a game night for the high school and university teens.

Our daughter Crissy with Ozzie
Our daughter Crissy with Ozzie


Who are you? What do you see and believe about your self? David knew who he was as seen in Psalm 139:13-16 where God tells us we are wonderfully made. He says all my days were written in a book before my first day came to be.

God designed me to be the person I am and the person you are. God chose you to be you. He created you for a reason and a purpose.

But Satan hates that God loves you. He wants to destroy you and he does that by evil influences on your mind. He wants you to believe that you are worthless and that you can never be good enough. He wants you to think that you will never measure up to God’s standard and God’s will for your life.

My children at Casa know this truth well. Even though Jesus comes into their lives as Lord and Savior they still believe the lies their parents or others have told them. Verbal, sexual and physical abuses are his method of telling them that they are unimportant. He wants them to feel that nobody cares about their situation and circumstances. It will never get better. I am bad. I can never change.

The lies of the devil include who we are; what we can do; how weak we are.The helmit is to protect us from ignorance and foolish thinking about ourselves.

God wants me to know I am wonderfully made. My children need the Helmit of Salvation to believe that too.