Today was visiting day and I cannot remember any visit where so many family members came. It was great for those who had visits but sad for those who did not have anyone come see them.

After church services I spent time on end-of-the-month reports and sent Oscar to the bank to pay tuitions for the university students as I need to have all tuitions for February and March paid. This coming week will be extremely busy as we leave for the states in 9 days.

Our first Sunday, February 14, we will be at Family Life in Lafeyette at 8 & 10am and then at Trinity Baptist also in Lafayette at 6pm. Then we head for Norman Oklahoma for Wednesday night services. Dottie and I love the driving and the “alone” time. I love her more and more as the days go by. February 10th will be our 53rd wedding anniversary. Can you imagine a woman living with me that many years?

Playing in the shade
Playing in the shade

Philippians 3 says that we are to forget the things behind. I remember years ago a man sharing that no one drives looking in the rear view mirror the entire time. They are looking at where they have been. They are looking to see what is creeping up on them. That is neither safe nor very smart.

Yet many Christians look in the rear view mirror of their lives at what happened in the past or what could have been. That too is neither safe nor smart.

I have regrets. I have made many mistakes. I have had to deal with things from the past. It is no way to live a victorious life. Looking back at my sins or errors or failures only makes me sad and filled with self-pity. That is no way to live. When we look back we are saying that God has not and cannot forgive us. What a tremendous lie Satan uses to keep us looking out the front window of our lives. We lose direction and we lose control of where the Lord desires we go.

Keep your eyes on the ROAD. “I AM THE WAY” says Jesus. Why are you looking in the rear view mirror. The past is gone.