A very difficult day. Sebastian, Tim & I left at 5:15am and the traffic ws horrible causing us to be 35 minutes late for a meeting with the insurance company. (3 hours driving). But they were gracias & saw us late.

Then I returned to another bad situation with Luis in dialysis. He is going through the “I want to die” stage. I know at 17 living as he has to is difficult. The problem was not completed until  8:45pm.  We are all exhausted!

Kyle left for the states after being here 3 weeks. We will miss him. I would love it if the Lord called him to Casa full time. He really connects with the older boys.




God calls us to endure. I heard someone say “When I get to the end of my rope I tie a knot and just hold on”. That is not a bad descritption of how I feel sometimes.