The first structure I ever built at Casa was the Barney Building. Farrell and I built it for 6 teenage boys thinking that would be plenty. Little did we know! Well, while Dottie and I are in the states this coming month it will be torn down. I feel as though a huge portion of our heritage is biting the dust. Jorge’, the first child through the court system and Alex, now on staff, married to Sarah & with four children were the first occupants of that little dorm.

The Barney Building
The Barney Building

I wonder if you and I realize just how valuable we ae to God. Have you heard or even made the statement, “I am mad AS hell?” That should not be the statement we make. What we need to say is “I am mad AT hell”. Satan desires your admiration and worship.

Satan’s name while he was in heaven was Lucifer and it was changed when he was cast out of heaven. ┬áLucifer means brilliant, bright and the shining one. Satan means enemy or adversary.

Ezekiel 28 refers to him as “You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.” Lucifer was the most glorious of all of God’s creation in heaven. Verses 14-15 state “You were perfect in your ways until sin was found in you”.
It does not take a genious to realize that the sin that God is referring to is PRIDE. So he was cast out. He knew he was hot stuff in the beginning and he has strutted this earth in that manner since his fall.

But the Lord made you and me from DIRT. He made us in His own image and likeness. Image is the outside and likeness is the the inner man. He uses the term ‘formed’ and that refers to a potter making something he sees within himself and then creating it out of clay. Michaelangelo always said that he SAW the finished sculpture in His heart before he ever began to chip away at the marble.

God “saw” you before He created you and that means we were valuable enough for Him to breathe His own self into us.