A proud Papa! Twenty-two years ago a very small and young child arrived. Now Maria 1 is starting her internship this Monday on a pig farm as she is graduating soon in veterinary medicine.

Another cold spell rolled is expected in the morning.

We received 2 new children yesterday & 2 more today.

Tyson has been awesome since joining our staff and now Gretchen has arrived to help Brandi as well as other duties so we are blessed with strong servants. Our men’s prayer meeting tonight was excellent.



Pride brought Lucifer down to the level he now lives a Satan. He lost his beauty, wisdom, brilliance and all of the special qualities he possessed in heaven.

God created man because He desired fellowship. As He worked through creation from light to man He said “It is good”. But then there came a moment where He siad “It is not good”. When was that? It was when Adam was alone. God said “It is not good for man to be alone”.

God provided a woman for Adam and it was not long before sin hsppened. If I asked wht that was 99% of Christians would say that it was the eating of the fruit. But that was only an indication of what I feel is the worst of all sin today. I call it “The Sin of the Delinquent Husband/Father”.

Eve ate the fruit and the Bible indictes Adam was present. But he did not protect his wife. Sound familiar? Today the number one problem is the delinquent male from his family. Children raised without a father and women having to be breadwinner and head of the houehold.

Family was God’s first created institution and today it is ignored by the majority of people including Christians in every part of the globe. Men have failed their wives and children. Just as Lucifer we have decided our own life is more important thn the lives of our wives and children.