To live is….

Tim & Jacob drove to the Mexican border to help Tyson enter Guatemala.

Dr. Lou brought his family to visit and see the hospital construction. He says he has a number of children needing help so we will take more if possible should the judge give permission.

Today was moving day so there were both tears of joy and tears of sadness as children changed dorms.


Dialysis children happy to see Dr Lou
Dialysis children happy to see Dr Lou

When Paul was in prison in Philippi he writes that he will soon go before Caesar and he prays that he will not say anything that would cause disgrace to the name of Jesus. It is easy when you read the life of Paul and his writings that there were three areas of trauma in his life. We all know of the beatings, shipwrecks, etc. There are three areas we can see in his life which line up with our lives.

Unpleasant circumstances, unpleasant people and uncertain future are three plagues that come against ALL human beings. This really says much about us all because each one of us have experienced the three items seen in the life of Paul.

Life is filled with unpleasant circumstances and events. How do we react to these circumstances? Do we moan and groan. To be withdraw? Do we allow the circumstances of overflow into other areas of our lives?

Everything comes down to attitude. Do I moan or do I praise? Do I see the opportunity or do I see hopelessness? Have you counted your blessings recently? I want very much to begin a daily exercise in recounting the blessings in my life.