We are getting the university students enrolled as those who did not begin classes this week will do so next week. Josue’ and Sebastian are taking that load off of me.

The doctor told Dottie to stay off her feet for 3 more days. One foot is healing well but the other is not.


Years ago Dottie & I visited Salselito, Ca. to see the redwood trees. Some reach a height of over 250 feet and a girth of over 26 feet. So impressive! Buts as a Christian I was thinking of how large and long the roots must be to sustain such a large tree.

God tells us that we as Christians are as trees growing near the water. He foes on to warn us to watch those around us. do not spend time and get comfortable around sinners and those who walk ungodly.

I remember at the death of our third child those surrounding the grave spontaneously began to sing “I shall not be moved”. Without roots Satan and his knuckle heads will fly us like a kite in a storm. We will be thrown in every direction. Stability for a Christian rests upon what is inside him and not what is seen by others. Many people seem to be calm and at rest when on the inside they are screaming for help.

It is when all evil and pressure comes against us that we discover what we really believe. You cannot squash a banana and get apple juice to flow out. What happens to you when Satan squeezes you? Does fear, doubt, worry and unbelief surface or is there calmness, assurance, peace and hope pouring forth from your heart.

You must be rooted and grounded in His Word, prayer, worship, praise and confidence in what you believe. With the devil the squeeze is always on.