Elias is doing much better in the hospital and Karen is improving.

The courts called and asked if we would take another child who has been burned. Chad and Abby did not hesitate they just said “Yes”.

It had to happen! Dottie made an appointment for me on telemedicine with Dr. Hines in the states because of my health recently. Blood work, etc. revealed that it ws nothing serious.

Tomorrow all of the dialysis children plus 3 others will have echocardiograms.


Sometimes when we approach another person to express our disapproval with them we either approach them as an executioner or a rescuer. The people who are able to help others is the person who cmes not just to point out a problem and walk away  but they have an answer to help solve the problem.

Executioners destroy the person to whom they are speaking. They have their say and then just walk away and say “Now it is your problem”. But the resuer has a solution or a suggestion and then walks away WITH the person.

If we see a need in our church, our family, our job or whatever other relationship we have then we need to always think in terms of the solution to the problem. Critics are a dime a dozen! You express your love for me and I will listen. You spit venom and I will walk away.

As the transition moves forward I need an army of rescuers. This is new for me and of course is new to all of the children so criticism will not help but Godly solutions will rescue us if we are nearing a precipice. Satan hates and wants to kill and destroy. Rescuers love and want to give life and build.