All of you who are parents and have watched your older child leave home for college or marriage or job know that letting go is a difficult thing to do. Nearly a dozen of our older children have “left the nest” and although they were ready and do have a possibility for a bright future it is so hard on me emotionally. I am blessed that they are saved, have jobs on the outside and growing quickly into adulthood. I suppose that I wanted my children to stay children longer.


Those of you who know this ministry realize that Casa Aleluya is what we call the home here in Guatemala but the legal name is BUILD YOUR HOUSE ON THE ROCK. God tells us there will be storms and winds and rains and those things will happen to all of us. The saved and the unsaved will suffer because we live in a fallen, evil world. Godly parents lose children, lose jobs, get critically ill, experience accidents and tragedies and essentially have the problems that the unsaved do.

It is not punishment! The world in which we live is not our reward. The blessings we experience as well as the pain we suffer is temporary. There is a day coming when we will leave this world and enter into the presence of God. There will be NO MORE tears or sorrows. The lame will walk. The blind will see. The elderly will be young.

The difference in the storms of life today is upon what you build your life. Matthew 7 gives us two options: Rock or Sand!

The sand is unstable and it represents the things on this earth upon which people construct their lives. Money, fame, family, jobs, even church and ministry are just some of the grains of sand that will wash away in the storm. The Rock is the Word of God and a relationship with Him. It stands firm when everything else collapses. It stands on the truth that He is ALWAYS by and on our side.