The government has come down on all homes in Guatemala. Most disappointing is that they refuse to allow us to take children off campus without a judge’s permission. This affects teams who take their sponsor child to Antigua, etc. We are doing the best we can to see how we can work around this obstacle. we ask for your patience.

Painting evacuation routes in case of earthquake
Painting evacuation routes in case of earthquake


I have shared with you that there are storms which we bring upon ourselves by disobedience or stupid choices. Secondly, there are storms which God brings into our lives in order to teach us obedience and prepare us for the warfare in front of us.

Thirdly there are storms because you and I live in a sinful world. The sin of Adam has caused bad things to happen to good people. The rain truly does fall on both those who are obedient and those who are disobedient. For instance, September 11th killed thousands of people as did Pearl Harbor and Viet Nam. There were many Christians who died through no fault of their own. They were in the pathway of of a fallen world.

My daughters died from hear disease. They had chromosome defects and died early in life. Was it my fault? Was it Dottie’s fault? No it was simply we live in a fallen world where things happen because of the sinfulness of the centuries.

God tells us that we are to overcome evil with good. dottie buried 3 children a half century ago. She has been involved in helping children all of these years in order to over come the evil by doing good. That is how you fight evil with good. Try it