The baby is well and returned with his parents. He has a temporary lens for 6 months. So the family is relived.

Bryan has been in the hospital for 11 days. Keep praying for him.

Wendy, dialysis, is experiencing heart problems and Jose’ had a blood transfusion. So they need major prayer also.

Walking the trusses across the building
Walking the trusses across the building


Yesterday I shared of the storms we encounter in life due to poor decisions and bad choices. The second type of storm are those that God directs our way.

As you know our ministry is “Build Your House upon the Rock”. God says the winds, rains and floods come against the saved (correct foundation) and the unsaved(the foundation on the sand). And so we know the storms fall on everyone. No one escapes storms.

But why does God bring some storms? It is to bring us to surrender. He wants a deeper relationship with us. He wants us to depend on Him and Him alone. It is at the point of the storm we make the decision to either isolate ourselves from God or connect with Him.  We will have to wrestle within ourselves as to which route we will take.

We will see two more causes of storms tomorrow.