The baby had his eye and the tumor removed. Larry’s family is waiting while the twin brother has no sign of tumors.

A dear friend, Jeanette Blevins passed away today. Her husband was on the board of WMF when I was also on the board. So we go back 40 years.

Five of the ten trusses were raised to the roof today. The building will have the roof completed by next Friday.

Adam’s group installed more stoves for the poor today.

First truss going up
First truss going up


As we continue to speak about storms we mentioned that there are external and internal storms in our lives. The external are circumstances such as Dottie and I living with 400 children and 200 of them are teenagers. There are internal storms such as worry, doubt, laziness and the like.

It is clear in life that there are storms we bring upon ourselves. It is not God nor the devil that brings chaos and tempest into our lives but we, ourselves, by making poor decisions and choices that bring disaster. For instance it is my choice to obey “Husbands love your wives” and Dottie’s responsibilities to obey “Wives submit to your husbands”. It is my choice to “Tithe, forgive, obey the Word”. If I fail to obey what the Lord has laid out for me disaster will follow. My marriage may fail. My finances will collapse. and if I do not forgive others I will not be forgiven by God.

Remember the disciples in the boat and Jonah also in a boat when the storms came? Iit affected everyone around them. The greatest disaster with the storm is it does not touch just the one person. It affects the family or the business. It can even affect a nation and history itself.

In both instances God was sending storms to get the disciples and Jonah to trust Him. It is only in a storm where you will discover your true bedrock of faith. It is easy when your life is calm. It is devilish when your life is caught up in death, disease, financial woe, family problems, etc.

The storms are not the problem. The problem arises when we no longer trust in God and His Word. Problems come when our faith falters. Being weak in faith is a disaster!!