I was ill last night so Ezdras preached in my place. It is a blessing to have a son-in-law who can fill the pulpit for me.

Elias, dialysis, has been hospitalized also. Pray, pray, pray.



Over the years I have felt a deep pain in my heart for the children who come to Casa. They come here having missed a family setting or a Christmas tree or a running out the door to meet their father coming home from work or sitting on the lap of a loving father and hugged. Deep down in my heart I think that is why I want the transition to work and to work quickly. Tim put a thought in my ear that has me dreaming of a houseful of grandchildren that I can hug and entertain and have sleepovers, etc.

Children need to find value and worth in their lives. Even as an older couple I believe that Dottie and I can give them that love. I want “Let’s go to Granpa’s house” to be the desire of each child at Casa. Dottie and I can do that. God can use anything and anyone to accomplish His purpose in the lives of others.

Abandonment is the ugliest of all pains and hurts. Maybe we are seeing what lies ahead for Dottie and me in 2 1/2 years. Loving children would be a great calling from God woulden it?