We leave for the states in 2 weeks so now we have to get the extra groceries for the children in our home, set up the money for dialysis groceries, leave the cash for the children who work for us, etc. Dottie is making her schedule for the four weekends we will be gone for the 5 boys who help her keep the gardens beautiful.

I want to thank all of our men on staff & the visitors over the last month who have worked so hard to get the dialysis room for Irene, finish the mechanical cow house, finish the large new visitor’s dorm and help with the hospital construction.


Pure love is unconditional. It does not depend upon whether I am good or bad, right or wrong, wealthy or poor, handsome or ugly. Dottie wrote a booklet on special education and the dedication read “To the mentally retarded who love with no strings attached”.

The only condition for God to love is that we ‘are’. Before the creation of the world God loved us. I cannot earn His love. I can not do more to receive more of His love and I cannot do anything to cause Him to love me less. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son”. If He loves the world then He loves EVERYONE. No matter the race, the religion, the nationality, the intelligence or anything.

As Christians we are to love others and that even includes our enemies. How do people know we love them? To me it comes down to whether they feel my approval or disapproval.Every human being needs to feel as though they are wanted, They need to know they are approved. In fact, as children we strive to make our parents proud of us. We want their approval.

Many parents love with conditions. They demonstrate by approval or disapproval the depth of their love for their child. Good grades, athletic victories, etc. bring approval and thus the child feels more love. Poor grades are rewarded with coolnes or rejection by the parent.

Recently I withheld my love from a girl who left here last year at age 19. I was diasppointed that she did not want to continue her education. She came by to see me last week and I truly withheld my approval. I was so ashamed and disappointed in myself and my failure in meeting her needs. It broke my heart!