Candy’s mother passed away. Candy and the family were with her and she was a Christian. So although the pain is always excruciating the joy of where she is and that Candy will be with her again in the twinkling of an eye makes all of us just love Jesus more.

Dr. Miguel came to check on Dottie & he says she will be able to walk in 2 days. He is pleased with her process.

Chris & Heidy came by to say goodbye. It is hard to believe he has been gone for nearly 4 years.

The children will celebrate the New Year with food and fireworks. I will celebrate with earplugs.

I had Adam come watch the Alabama game with me so that shows that anything is possible.

Adam, Vilma & Lanisha
Adam, Vilma & Lanisha

Here are three definitions of patience:

1. “Patience is self-restraint which does not hastily retaliate against a wrong.”

2.”Patience is the ability to accept delay or disappointment graciously.”

3.”Patience is the powerful attribute that enables us to remain steadfast under strain and continue pressing on.

I know it is ridiculous to make New Year’s resolutions. But one area that I want to work on is patience. Reading the above definitions I can acknowledge that I have not reacted correctly when under pressure. I do continue on but my attitude is seldom correct.

Disappointment has thrown me for loops also. When things do not go my way I too often become impatient and “prove my point”.

But the area of impatience that affects me the most is handling strain. I go very fast into attack mode and try to undo what has happened or “get back” at the person or situation that disappointed or offended me. This cause me stress and heavy strain.

So as we enter into 2016 I ask that those of you who think of us and pray for Dottie, Casa and myself to hone in on that specific fault and failure of fine. I do not want to be so impatient.