I played nurse as Dottie will have to stay in bed while the right foot heals. It might be a conspiracy between Dr Miguel & Dottie.


There are spirits in this world who have only one purpose and that is to deceive, manipulate and destroy us. John 10:10 says, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy”. Our ministry is Build Your House on the Rock bcause God describes our lives as homes. Homes had windows and doors.

Opening the wrong door can allow lust, anger or jealousy to enter. Raising the wrong window can allow greed, selfishness and pride. But the most dangerous door which you can open to give Satan access to your family is the window or door of ignorance. In fact, the Word says that people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge. This means they are ignorant of what the devil is attempting to accomplish in their lives.

Peter informs us that the devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he can destroy. Satan is stalking you! If you desire to fight through to victory you have to recognize what Satan is attempting to do to you or your family. God created Satan. He is a created being as are we. He is not equal to God and he is not stronger than a Christian who is walking in God’s Word.

Satan cannot go toe-to-toe with God so he uses the weapon of deception. The Bible says that Satan is the father of all lies. There is no truth in the devil. In the garden he did not come out straight forward and say, “Boo, I am the devil. Trick or treat?”

No, he LIED! He deceived! Eve and then Adam believed a lie. If you and I know the Word and obey the Word there is no weapon formed against us that can destroy us.