The discipleship team is planning the camp for the older teens which will not happen until November. But they are getting the speakers & raising the money for lodging & food.

Sebastian is now the legal representative for Casa as am I. He began working out the salaries for 2016. Over 70 employees.

Janice ministered to the girls tonight.


Mark Twain said “The two most important dates in a our lives are the day we were born and the day we find out why we were born”. Of course, as Christian I know there is a third date and that is the day of our salvation. The day we were born is a set date like my July 11, 1943 date is forever (on this earth) my birthdate. My salvation date is also fixed in time back in February of 1963.

The date I discovered why I was born is not a fixed moment in my life when I can place my finger on a moment in time and say “This is when I found out the purpose of my existence”. Just like Abraham, Moses, Joseph, David, Peter and Paul and millions of others the moment of “Why do I exist?” took a series of events and steps both positive and negative, building up and tearing down, very easy and yet almost impossible and crushing.

Faith is the material of which things are HOPED for. My salvation experience both blessed me and saddened me. I was blessed at the thought of eternity with Christ yet I was miserable at what I was doing in the world as an occupation. There had to be more! I knew that something was missing. There was an emptiness as I walked day-by-day as a teacher. I loved the area of education and teaching special needs children yet I hungered to make a difference not so much as in this world but in the world to come.

My faith at salvation got me to heaven. Now I had to dream! I had to hope for more from God. The more hope I had the more faith grew. I walked from darkness into the light. I had no idea as to the final goal or destination. But I knew steps needed to be taken. That was my hope. The hope became a faith exercise when I made that initial trip to Guatemala. Hope created the faith and the faith brought me to Guatemala and then I realized the DATE of why I was born. It was February 2, 1989.