The weather is very cold. Teams from The Woodlands & also Pennsylvania are here. The metal for the roof arrived so we will staryt Monday installing it on the hospital.


So many people come to visit Casa and help us as well as to connect with the children. This afternoon I was thinking of how encouraging it is to have people love you and love your children. I need encouragement. Everyone needs encouragement.

When we encourage others it may give them strength to attempt things they otherwise would not try. When someone encourages me it is easier to face the day, attempt new things and help make a difference around me.

Since God loves us so much we have plenty of love in order to encourage others. Psalm tells us to be of good courage and He will strengthen our hearts if we keep hope in the Lord. Sometimes I feel that on the edge of failing and a word comes from someone that strengthens me and I am able to get through the heaviness.

Other times I am tired but someone encourages me and I can persevere.