Jerry Caffery’s sons and their friends came today. Casa exploded from a small little home into this huge ministry when God brought Jerry & Curtis into our lives.

Today is the coldest day of the year for us.The children are huddled inside.

Karen is back in the hospital and it is serious. She is rejecting the kidney so needs much prayer.

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People often ask me what is the most difficult problem that we have to deal with here at Casa with so many physically and sexually abused children. Ofcourse those are two very complicated and difficult areas for our staff psychologist, teachers and dorm personnel. But in truth those are not the most difficult to work with.

It is ABANDONMENT! The children who have been cast aside, left on the streets, laid at our gate or put on a bus with no destination suffer rejection, pain, fear and emptiness. I actually had a college boy who was raised here ask me “Papi, why didn’t my daddy love me?” After living with me for over 10years he still felt the pain of abandonment.

Children who are abandoned sometimes feel as though it was their fault that their parents did not want them. They get riddled with guilt. “How terrible am I that my own mother does not want me?” is certainly a question many of our children feel deeply. When we have visititation once a month there are kids who not visited by anyone. Total abandonment! No dad, mom, sibling, grandparent or uncle! When they see others with “anyone” here visiting it is a dagger in their emotional heart.

They feel so isolated. So alone! So unwanted and unloved!