Love in a wheelchair

Friday night the court sent an 8 year old girl named Estephany who is on dialysis and in a wheelchair. She is not crippled but just totally weakened by her disease. The other children surrounded her with attention and love this morning. This is the only time in 27 years we received a court report saying the child was treated with no dignity. She weighs only 39 pounds. Luis, also in dialysis, is experiencing some difficulty also.

Today I shared the long list of changes to implement the transition. Every change is important but with Adam & Vilma moving to begin the retreat/discipleship program we will move Mario & Mariella into their dorm. Esvin & Flor will move into Jim & Kate’s dorm as Jim will provide on campus discipleship for the boys. Having children raised at Casa becoming dorm parents means we lose the luxury of American houseparents who can raise money for their dorm. We are praying that folks would support/adopt a dorm to provide parties, excursions, rewards, etc. The entire staff is behind the moves so we are confident that we have heard God’s voice in these decisions.

We will be in Madison, Alabama on Sunday Bebruary 28th not the 26th that I wrote yesterday. Sorry!


The dialysis children playing with Estephny
The dialysis children playing with Estephny

The manner in which the other children and staff accepted Estephania is a picture of a great truth of Agape love. Companionship!! Agape shares the good and the bad. Agape is love in partnership. This little girl needs friends who are affectionate and there for her. Agape stands by me when I need a friend, counsel or consoling. Agape never abandons us.