Today was a visitor’s day which we provide twice a year so the families can come from 7:30am until 2:30pm to be with their families on Christmas and Easter week since the children are not allowed to leave for the holidays.

Jose’ and Estella arrived this evening for the holidays. Always such a joy to have them with us.


Estrelita girls performing last night.
Esperanza girls performing last night.
Jose' and Estella with our grandchildren
Jose’ and Estella with our grandchildren


I believe that one of the most difficult truths to teach the children is justice. Justice is taking personal responsibility to do what is pure, right and true. Any adult today can tell you that we older folks are in constant warfare with a changed world.

I was sent to the school office for talking in class, throwing spitballs or chewing gum. Today kids use cell phones in class, rest in class about teachers and others, watch porn and 60% have already had sexual encounters of some kind by age 15. When I was 15 the dirtiest magazine I read was the Sear’s lingerie section.

Justice can easily be defined as impartiality. It means I have no favorites and treat each and every child fairly. That is a true test. Court rooms and law books are filled with rules and laws but that is not justice. Justice is about me living a life of impartiality and simply doing what is right.

Justice is what rolls around in my head. It is called conscience. Justice is a matter of doing what is right when I have the option to do what is correct. In other words, I treat every child at Casa fairly. One set of rules!

I believe that “justice” is a quality of God’s kingdom manifest in acceptance and equality.