The men worked so hard on the two dorms. My boys continue to paint and four of Alex’s boys worked with Bob. Everyone is cooperating.

We received a10 year old and 3 year old.

The block layers are back on the third floor and so we will put the roof on the dialysis building in January.

The mechanical cow building is nearly finished.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Above I mentioned that everyone is cooperating. I used that word because it fits so well with justice. Justice in our responsibility. We are responsible for acting legally and morally in society. You have a moral responsibility to speak the truth and share the Word with others.

It is not your responsibility to solve every problem but it is your responsibility to uphold and protect that which is right and true. The clock ticking on our lives sure speeds up as we age. I am surrounded by photos here in my home and it is hard to believe it was over a half century that I last wore a football uniform. Where have the years gone?

Christian justice means that I will arrange my life to produce and make a difference. Time is precious and we are given only so much of it and to waste it by not caring about others means that we are spiritually unjust. I have to take personal responsibility for the way I live these latter years.

The Bible tells us to “do justice”.