My lesson this morning was not on the joy of Christmas but rather the Tears of Christmas. Everyone knows the story of the birth of Jesus but I wanted the children to understand that not everyone is happy with Christ. Herod wanted Him dead so I used the hatred of Herod and contrasted it with the adoration of the shepherds. If we worship Jesus then God will be in control of our lives just as He did with the 4 dreams found in Matthew 2.

A group from Puerto Rico will be here Monday morning to present music and I don’t know what else.

.I had a load lifted today when Minor, his girlfriend Susie, Dottie and I have finished the gifts for Christmas.



Justice is the result of our beliefs and behavior.I must accept that there is a difference between right and wrong. My kids certainly have trouble discerning what is right and wrong. The world has changed. If you grew up in the 50s and early 60s just think for a moment how different the world became when John and Robert Kennedy as well as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were assassinated.

We went from a culture where we went to bed nightly with peace. Vietnam and street riots changed our world forever. Then came the legalization of pornography as well as R and X rated movies. All of a sudden the way I was raised really was “Leave it to beaver” but my kids were now living in a “Rosemary’s Baby” world.

How the generations view the world around them affects what we know as justice. I went from praying on a football field before the kickoff to where now the 10 Commandments are illegal, prayer in school is obsolete and abortion has taken the lives of hundreds of millions of babies world wide.

As parents we truly have a rough row to hoe!